On Tuesday 18th October 7xG AND 7yG classes visited BBC Radio Newcastle where they were able to see behind the scenes of the world of television and radio.

In the interactive news and radio studio,the students were able to record their own radio play ,practicing their oracy skills and found amazing ways of producing the sound effects for the production.

They also experienced what it is like to be a television newsreader and weather presenter. You would not believe how they have to multi task, when they are informing us about recent news breaking stories. Can you concentrate on reading out important information ,whilst someone is speaking to you constantly in your earpiece and counting down the seconds you have left? Also not only do they appear live on air, they have usually been up since 4.30am preparing their presentations or collecting information for their programme.

The tour was really informative and fun .The group found out about films filmed locally, ‘The Dumping Ground’ and ‘ WolfBlood’ and tried their hand at the Horrible Histories Gory Games .

Throughout the visit students viewed Simon Logan ‘Live on Air’ and some students were fortunate to meet the weather man himself ‘Paul Mooney,’ who was more than happy to talk and discuss his role.

We now know why our region is known for producing some of the BBC’S best News and Drama. A fabulous visit to the ‘Pink Palace’ as it is affectionately known, is highly recommended by Year 7xg and 7yg.