At Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy we are immensely proud of the outstanding behaviour of our students and we have a rewards system which encourages and celebrates those positive behaviours.  The rewards system is based around our 5R’s +1 which are the learning behaviours and ethos which the academy believes will help the students to become outstanding learners, we want the students to be excellent Reasoning, Resilient, Resourceful, Reflective and Responsible learners who show Respect also.

The students receive a reward point (commendation) from their teachers to recognise the student’s contribution in lessons and around the academy.  A student can receive a maximum of three reward points per lesson from each teacher, for example, a student may get a question wrong in the first instance but after some intervention have another try and this time get it right, and then the teacher could award a reward point for being a ‘Resilient Learner’.

The students reward points can be viewed by parents in real time using their unique username and password which allow parents to have discussions with their children about the learning which has taken place during their son/daughter’s time in the academy.

The reward points are translated into an individual, tutor group and house block league table which can be viewed by students via their tutor each week.  The league tables encourage students to perform well both as an individual and as part of a team, with the ultimate aim of becoming a learner who achieves their potential.