We are delighted to introduce you to our prospectus for students wishing to be admitted in September 2019. Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy is a vibrant and happy academy of which staff and students are justifiably proud.

We believe in preparing students for the challenges of a rapidly changing world. This means not only developing and securing important subject knowledge but also the skills and attributes learners need to carry on learning long after they have left academy. To thrive in an increasingly global community, students need to be Respectful, Resourceful, Responsible, Reasoning, Reflective and Resilient. Our “5 Rs +1” form the basis of our rewards and behaviour system and are the qualities that all Lord Lawson students aspire to demonstrate. In this way we fulfill the aspirations of the academy motto “Each other and our Dreams” which summarises how we work together as a community to help and support each other and to realise the dreams of the 1600 young people in our care.



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