At Lord Lawson, we want to create an outstanding climate for learning.
It is important that our young people feel happy, supported and cared for in order to achieve their best in the classroom. We believe that our Pastoral system provides the support and guidance that students need to be successful from the moment they join us up until the moment they leave us.

Our Pastoral team is made up of both teaching and non-teaching staff. Each morning students meet their Tutor for registration and it is to this member of staff that students will turn to initially if they have a problem. Ordinarily, a student’s tutor will stay with them as they progress through the school, building a positive relationship. Tutors monitor planners, school uniform and attendance as well as discussing behaviour (both positive and negative) with the members of their tutor group. Tutors will meet with each of their tutees five times throughout the year to discuss their progress within the Academy and to set and agree targets for improvement. There are two Heads of House that each lead two House blocks each. We have four Deputy Heads of House that assist in the running of the House block. The Head of House coordinates the team of tutors, ensuring that high standards are kept across each year group; they also have an overview of the personal development, behaviour and welfare of all students in their particular House blocks. This includes supporting the academic progress of students from year 7 -11.

Students in each House block are also supported by a Student Welfare and Family Liaison Officer (SWFLO). As SWFLOs do not teach they are able to deal immediately with issues as they arise. They also get to know students within their House blocks very well and will work with individuals or groups of students who may need additional support at particular times of the day.

A further important part of Pastoral support is provided by the full time Education Welfare Office (EWO), Jo Walsh. The EWO monitors absence and punctuality and also provides support for students who may need the involvement of external agencies.
At Lord Lawson we also have a Student Support Department. Staff within this area offer support to students before, during and after school. Opportunities exist for students to be supported in a quiet location with their academic studies as well as access to staff who are experienced in supporting students with any emotional and/or social needs. This will include providing students, who may have been absent for a period of time, with a structured re-integration to Academy life. The work of this team is fully complemented by the Special Education Needs Department who can provide a range of different strategies to support students with Special Educational Needs. The range of strategies available include one-to-one tuition, small group work and in-class support.
We have a First-Aid Unit which is open each day from 08:30 until 15.30. This is staffed daily by an authorised first aider who can attend to first-aid incidents as well as dealing with medical conditions such as Diabetes, Asthma, Allergies, Epilepsy and similar in consultation with the health professionals dealing with that student.

We also provide a counselling service on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Our counsellor takes referrals from students and their parents as well as members of the Pastoral Team. Counselling is completely confidential, meaning that information is not disclosed to staff, family members or friends. There are rare occasions when the counsellor may need to disclose confidential information to others; this is in-keeping with details set out in our Child Protection and Safeguarding procedures.

Mr D Cave is Head of Brookside and Talbot House blocks.

Mr J McConway is Head of Fleet and Turner House blocks.

Mr A Rayner is Assistant Principal, Personal Development, behaviour and welfare.

Mr J Diamond is Deputy Principal, Personal Development, behaviour and welfare.