Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy are delighted to announce that we have successfully achieved the nationally recognised ‘BIG award’ for our anti bullying work. The BIG award is awarded across the country by the Bullying Intervention Group to local authorities, groups, schools or services that demonstrate excellence in bullying intervention.
The process was rigorous in identifying the effectiveness of policies and practices currently used at LLOB in regards to anti bullying. The Bullying Intervention Group indicate that to achieve the BIG award a school must be able to;

  • Demonstrate that they are working to an externally agreed standard
  • Have consistent and embedded good practice throughout
  • The school must fully include all children and young people
  • Tailor their bullying intervention work to suit their needs
  • Ensure that every child is enabled to fulfil their true educational potential and enjoy their community activities, without fear of being bullied.

The Bullying Intervention Group released the following statement;

‘Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy take all forms of bullying very seriously. They have various strategies in place to ensure that their students can learn in a safe and happy environment.  They involve the students, their parents/carers and the wider school community in all of their work.  They have a completely up to date and comprehensive anti-bullying policy.  I am delighted that they have now achieved the BIG Award for Excellence in Challenging Bullying.’ 

Val McFarlane, Director, Bullying Intervention Group.

The Bullying Intervention Group were extremely positive about all of the work that Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy conduct to keep their students safe. It is further recognition of the ongoing pursuit to be a world class academy and a place where students want to be. Congratulations to everybody who helped throughout this process and to everybody involved in bullying intervention at Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy. Thank you also to the Bullying Intervention Group and their support throughout the process.