On the 29th of March we both went to the Sunderland Empire to take part in an audition for the English Youth Ballet’s production of Swan Lake on the 16th and 17th of June. At the audition we were given numbers by the company as they were yet to know our names. We were given choreography to perform on stage so they could decide who to accept.

After we both passed the audition we attended a casting and press night on the 9th of May to be assigned parts and get photos taken for our local newspaper. We both got the parts of Ladies in Waiting and Hungarian dancers.

We rehearsed for six hours a day during the May half term. We have both felt a huge improvement in our ballet skills and are extremely excited to perform! This has been an amazing experience, never give up if you aspire to achieve your goals. Be resilient and never give up, show respect to your teachers, be responsible when trying new skills! Louisa Winship and Isla Maclean.

Louisa Winship & Isla Maclean Year 7