Last week we were fortunate to have WatsonBurton for Yr 12 Sixth form studies session as part of our ongoing links with local employers through the Building My Skills programme.

The law firm offered an excellent presentation including answering student questions and making students away of the dangers of inappropriate content on Social media accounts. This is particularly relevant when evidence suggests 95% of employers will look at candidates online appearance before they interview. Students will be doing follow up tasks on their online appearance to ensure they recognise the dangers and ensure their profiles are suitable for employability in the future.

Simone and Jennifer outlined how they had achieved their current positions and what skills would be beneficial to anyone considering a degree in law.

On Tuesday 28th November as part of the Well Being Day programme HMRC came into school to work with some of Yr 12 and Yr 13 for a morning with a series of workshops and information sessions. Students were given information on paying tax, tax codes, budgeting, interview skills and career advice on the range of jobs available within HMRC. Students were surprised to hear of the breadth of opportunities as well as setting up their digital tax code, which everyone will have in the future.

We will be working with HMRC again in February and they have kindly offered to host interview practice with our Yr 13 students.