There have been capacity issues on the 873 and 874 scholars which we have been working to resolve with Nexus. The 864 scholars have been re-routed from Monday. The proposed solution is as follows:

From Monday 16 September, students who live in Springwell Village will be able to get the 864 (Washington) scholars bus home as well as the 873 and 874, as it will have a changed route. This changed route will add approximately 15 minutes to the journey time of those in Washington. At the end of school, pupils wishing to travel to Kibblesworth should go immediately to the 874; those travelling to Washington should go immediately to the 864; those travelling to Wreckenton go immediately to the 873 (or, if full, the 874) and those travelling to Springwell Village go immediately to the 873 (or, if full the 874 or the 864).

We are grateful to Nexus for working with the Academy to resolve the bus issue. Thank you to all pupils and parents for your patience during the first few days of term.