Dear Parent/Guardian

As you are aware we have had an Ofsted inspection over the last couple of days. The Lead Inspector will now write a report and when this is published we will put a link to it on our website. Unfortunately until the report is published I am not allowed to tell you what grades the Academy received. I can however tell you the following which I think sums things up reasonably well:

The inspection was very thorough and covered every aspect of the Academy. Safeguarding procedures were considered to be very robust and it was reported that students feel safe everywhere in the Academy. The inspection team commented on many strengths at the Academy which included our sixth form provision and described some of the things they saw as “best practice”. They also pointed out areas where they say we need to improve. I don’t disagree that there are areas we still need to work on and I was pleased that Ofsted recognised the changes we have already put in place and the impact this is beginning to have in the Academy. I will give you further details as soon as I receive the published report.

Mr Lovatt – Principal