7Welcome to Religious Education and Well Being. We deliver our RE curriculum through timetabled lessons in years 7-9 and our Citizenship/PSHE curriculum through our ‘Well Being Days’ in years 7-10. We recognise that as the world is becoming a smaller, more interconnected place, the need for our young people to increase their cultural, spiritual and moral understanding is crucial. RE is an integral part of how students become well-rounded, empathetic individuals as well as preparing them for the world of work.
Throughout Key Stage 3 students focus on the four main religions in the UK (Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism) along with other world religions. Students learn ‘about’ religions in order to increase their understanding of religious worship, celebrations, events and cultural practices. Students also learn ‘from’ religions and discuss issues such as commitment, challenge, meaning and sense of belonging.

Well Being Days happen four times throughout the Academy year and students take part in a range of exciting activities based on particular themes:

Year 7

  • Healthy and Sustainable Living
  • 5Rs Challenge
  • Improve your Local Area
  • Safety

Year 8

  • Global Goals
  • Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • ‘Snow Day’ (Big Read, Big Write)

Year 9

  • Campaign: Make a Difference!
  • World of Work
  • The Real Game
  • Crime and Punishment

Year 10

  • Human Rights
  • Refugees
  • Democracy Day
  • Work Experience/Health & Safety and First Aid

Take a look below at our students in action on our most recent Well Being Days!