On Monday 26th February, year 8 welcomed the R.A.F. to Lord Lawson to deliver their inspiring S.T.E.M. roadshow. The presentation, ‘Fun with Flight,’ allowed students to gain a better understanding of the physics of flight with the help of some unusual practical demonstrations. Year 8 learned about the various uses of drones within the R.A.F. and were excited to see themselves live on screen as a spy drone hovered in front if the audience. The R.A.F. speakers brought with them the wing of an aircraft and students were shown how forces work on the shape of the wing to keep planes airborne. Two budding engineers were discovered amongst the audience, Lewis Gouldburn and Layla Shaw, who confidently explored the effect of upward forces and tested virtual reality software in front of their peers. In the finale, students were shocked to hear the extreme volume of a jet engine at work in a live demonstration and afterwards took the opportunity to ask some meaningful questions about the construction of jet engines in a Q&A session with an R.A.F. engineer. Now that students have seen how their classwork relates to engineering in the R.A.F. and other companies, hopefully some will be inspired to find out more about these technologies and pursue S.T.E.M. careers!