Get Safe Online – The UK’s leading awareness resource helping protect people, finances, devices and businesses from fraud, abuse and other issues encounted online – is warning the public about buying online for prom night.

Parents and prom-goers are being warned to be on their guard when ordering items online, as many have found disappointment in the past, and many will no doubt do so again this year.

Their warning concerns dresses and limousines – two of the items most commonly ordered online. Every year, they witness an increase in complaints about dress purchases, where the high price of prom dresses and accessories in retail stores is likely to drive teenagers to search for cheaper alternatives online. The dresses delivered from some websites are often very different from those advertised, with complaints received by Trading Standards relating to incorrect garments being received, poor quality materials, or dresses arriving after the event has taken place, despite being ordered in ample time. In some cases, the goods advertised do not exist at all … a case of pure fraud. Many such websites, despite appearing to be UK-based, are based in the Far East, meaning that you have virtually no rights in the event of one of the above issues.

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