Bus information, including information on bus schedules for September 2020


In this post and attached slides you will find useful information regarding travel to school. You will also find updated timetables which can be saved and stored on your child’s phone for easy reference.

We know that travelling by bus is going to be trickier on return and so we are encouraging all pupils to walk or cycle where possible.

Where pupils are being dropped off by car we ask that they are dropped off away from the Academy gates to ease congestion and increase safety on site.

Should cars need to come on site we respectfully ask that you use the drop off zone and follow any advice and direction given by the very helpful Mr Maynard.

Although we have been working closely with Nexus and Go North East there will be an element of review and adjustment needed once we know the exact demand for each scholars bus. However, our Academy is in the fortunate position of increasing by one year group per day and as such we will be able to monitor the capacity of buses throughout the week prior to all pupils returning.

All pupils travelling by bus will need to wear a face covering, have their relevant bus pass or Pop card and have the correct change where possible. We also expect pupils to sit within their year group while travelling. We ask parents to also support pupils to be sensible and safe travelling to and from the Academy by adhering to all guidance.

Further information can be found at:

Parents of pupils travelling on the 21 should refer to this page and be aware of the School Duplicate Buses.


Any issues regarding scholars services should be direct to schools.liaison@nexus.org.uk

However your child plans to travel to the Academy we recommend that you leave earlier than normal to ensure a punctual arrival and prevent and unnecessary anxiety that lateness creates.

Feel free to comment, direct message or email smedia@lordlawson.org.uk with any questions however, please be mindful that the social media team may not be able to answer them. Instead, we may need to make a note of them and inform the FAQ.

Once again, we thank you for your patience and understanding and are confident that by working together we can secure a safe and successful reopening