On Thursday 1 November our year 10 Product Design students had the opportunity to attend an Engineering Discovery Event at Nissan Sunderland Plant, aimed at inspiring young people to consider careers in advanced manufacturing and engineering.

Students learned about engineering at Nissan and took part in related activities. The event looked at all models made at Sunderland Plant, and in particular the 100% electric Nissan Leaf.

Then followed a plant tour to see the Nissan cars in production. On the shop floor students were able to see how thousands of parts arrive at the side of production line, on time, to be fitted to the painted vehicle shell.

With thanks to Nissan, as all of our students had a very enjoyable and inspiring experience of the world of work, and also gained valuable insight into the many different types of engineering roles and opportunities available in this industry.

Quotes from students include:

“An awesome and inspiring visit”.

“Amazing to see engineering and manufacturing ‘brought to life’ in real life work”.

“I enjoyed using my problem solving and presentation skills in the engineering activities”.

“As a female, I now feel empowered to work and succeed in the Engineering/Manufacturing Industry”.