Our annual Horror writing competition in celebration of Halloween was won by Will Brooke-Lovell of year 8.

Our competition was designed to get students to think about the opening of a horror story and how they would engage their reader, hook them into the storyline and make them want to read on. Entries were all of a high standard, with some stories that would knock the socks off even some of the scariest of Stephen King characters.

‘It was the creation of the dark atmosphere and anticipation in Will’s story opener that won him the competition. Well done to everyone who took part. Here’s a taste of the winning entry:

‘The mist coiled its grasping tendrils around his head, distorting what little vision he had left as the darkness spread through the trees. There was something unnatural about it. Something ominous. Something evil. The forest was contorted and blurry to his fatigued eyes. A twig snapped and his senses sharpened instantly. His ears began picking up a faint noise gradually becoming louder. A look of horror spread across his face as he identified the sound. Eerie whispers were reverberating around the clearing in a language he didn’t understand. The sound was unbearable now, piercing his thoughts like a knife piercing skin. The leaves rustled as a gust of wind came from nowhere, and something moved in his peripheral vision. A figure was slithering through the black bushes. It wore a black robe with a hood obscuring its face like a shroud. He was overwhelmed with shock, just managing to reach the trees before the trauma worked its way into his brain freezing him. The creature removed its cowl, exposing something ghastly……..’