Congratulations to Eve Lowery 7JPN who is winner of our Year 7 LRC Halloween Competition.

Eve’s spectacularly spooky short story has spread the spirit of Halloween across the Academy.

To be spooked by Eve’s story read on or call into the LRC to see this story on display.


“On October 31st, Katie Steel didn’t want to go trick or treating. She wasn’t in the mood. Instead she had a nice, warm bubble bath. With the shower curtain round, she couldn’t see anything behind it when, all of a sudden, she heard something rummaging around in the cabinet under the sink. Katie wasn’t scared of anything! She stood up and grabbed her towel to put around her. She tentatively pulled the shower curtain aside and…she found her best friend Emma sitting on the sink.
But it wasn’t the ordinary Emma, it was the ghost of Emma. “Hi” Emma said. Katie blinked and rubbed her eyes. “E-E-Emma w-what h-happened to you?” Emma said “I don’t know. One minute I’m asleep, the next minute I can walk through walls!” Emma replied. “Are you d-dead?” Katie asked. “Well I did find a lot of blood on my chest when I woke up.” Emma exclaimed. “WHAT!?” Did you get stabbed or something? Katie asked.
Suddenly Emma started to vanish. “WOAH!” Emma screamed. Then, Emma had gone! Katie called “EEMMAA!? Silence.
Katie fell onto her knees and started crying uncontrollably. “Nooo! She’s gone!!!! Katie thought and hoped it must all be a dream. She closed her eyes and thought of unicorns and rainbows. As she opened her eyes she found a note on the floor. It read ‘Dear Katie, as you have seen, Emma is now dead. Don’t worry you will be next. I’ll kill you too’………..”

From Unknown.