Students at Lord Lawson celebrated success in their GCSE examinations this morning as they received their results. Many students have achieved outstandingly well, gaining excellent grades in GCSEs that have become much tougher in recent years. Grades are now given from 1 to 9, where 9 is the highest. Top performers included Amy Lamb, who gained six grade 9s, three 8s and one 7. Other top students were Holly Laing, Mark Burrows, Scarlett Hart, Ryan Hall, James Hutton, Thomas Deas, Ben Dixon-Scurr, Max King-Lough, Lauren Weallans and Joshua Hopkins.

Many students also made very good progress, the result of their own hard work and dedicated support from parents and teachers. Among the students who made the most progress were Maheed Ahmed, Amy Ross-Sanderson, Rebecca Tindale, Charlotte Dyball, Lewis Laben, Eva Lubwiewski, Hannah Close and Zak Wong.

The Academy’s new Principal, Andrew Fowler, was on hand to say ‘well done’ to students and their parents, and to thank their teachers. He said, “It is a pleasure to see so many students delighted with their results today. We know that success in examinations matters, so that young people have the freedom to make choices about their future. I congratulate all our students on their success, and hope to see many of them continue their studies in our sixth form.” Sixth form enrolment at the Academy is on Friday 23 August, 9.30-11.30, and on Monday 2 September at 12.45.


Mr A Fowler – Principal