Durham Unwrapped – A Trip to Durham University

Last term, twelve Year 10 students enjoyed a taster day at Durham University.

Our students experienced a flavour of academic life at Durham. They participated in many activities and seminars including: how to manage their finances while studying, information regarding student accommodation and the numerous courses which can be studied at Durham.

They also received interesting information on the clubs and societies which were available. They found out about playing Quidditch on Palace Green and the exploits of the Harry Potter society which they found very interesting.

The Durham student ambassadors hosted a tour of the site where students could ask questions about living and studying at Durham. Our students asked questions about the application process and entry requirements to Durham and how the students cope with the demands of living away from home.

A very enjoyable day.

The students participating were: Sam Dawson, Daniel Malloy, Patrick Painter, Daniel Preece, Jonathan Taylor, Chloe Codling, Bethany Grey, Alexandra Heywood, Rumbidzai Muchenagumbo, Georgia Revell, Melissa Thamprasertwong and Sian Dickson.

Thank you

Mrs Bell