As the Euro 2016 group were waved off on their trip to BBC Studios in Manchester and the Wet ‘n’ Wild group were off to Tynemouth surfing, the rest of us settled down to preparing our learning for display at the Creativity Showcase on Thursday.

The Birtley Heritage group returned to the Birtley Heroes group helping students design rag-style poppies and models of that demonstrated the past and present of Elisabethville.  The Cultural Capital group had returned from their experiences in London and were busy designing and completing their travel diaries.

A lucky group of Year 9 students got to join in with the Y12 students and the Army who put them through activities to build their team-building and test their resilience.  They certainly looked the part in army fatigues crawling under cargo nets.

The Magical Mindfulness group had a return visit from the yoga instructor who introduced them to some more challenging yoga poses and instilled a sense of calm and increased concentration over the group.

Bombs Away students were busy creating their bath bombs and other scented goodies while along the corridor the Escape group were planning and setting up challenges and puzzles to tax the mind.  The Science Buskers were out visiting Newcastle University to explore science experiments that would wow us during the Showcase.

The Green Fingers group were busy planting seeds and creating bird feeders and mini bird houses while all sorts of junk was being up-cycled by the Up Funk Junk group ready for display at the Showcase.

It was looking like Thursday’s Showcase was going to be bigger and better than ever before! After deliberation, it was decided that any money raised during the showcase would go to the child refugee fund with Save the Children.  Our students wanted to show support and solidarity for those children much worse off than themselves – a fantastic choice.