Day One had got off to a fantastic start, however Day 2 saw creative talents growing even bigger and better:

After licking their wounds at England’s football performance, the Euro 2016 group got stuck into their sporting journalistic reports with 5Live inspiration.  The Bike it Birtley crew had their bikes checked by Sustrans; with high visibility jackets on and helmets fitted they were off on their first bike expedition.  Meanwhile, The School of the Dead perfected their zombie make up skills ready for the first outdoor shooting of the morning.

Green Finger students made fantastic bug hotels, sharing their creative space and skill with the Up Funk Junk group.  In Walk Like an Egyptian, dresses, Tutankhamen coffins, masks and models were designed and built with a distinct Egyptian gilding shining through.  Creative prop design took place in the Dracula group as well as developing roles and characters for their play.

The sporting leaders learnt the skills of reflection and critique while they took on board the comments from their peers about how to further improve and develop their activities for the primary school sports festival.  More reflection was taking place in the LLoB Bake-Off group as the first round of baking wasn’t completely successful for all the bakers.  Hopefully, they will have refined their skills ready for Thursday’s showcase!

Our singers and dancers were developing their skills ready for their audition show reels with the support from experts from Famous415 in Newcastle.  The Wet ‘n’ Wild group took their group on a 13.5 mile hike – they’ll sleep well tonight!

On top of all the wonderful creativity taking place on site, a number of groups were off immersing themselves in activities in and around the region: students visited Gibside, Beamish, the Discovery Museum, Newcastle University and to ‘Exit’ in Newcastle.  Further afield, the girls in Torquay had a day of raft-building, a first aid course, aeroball and archery.  The Cultural Capital group visited Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and Buckingham Palace and some lucky sporting leaders were at Wimbledon!

Another busy creativity day – for all involved.


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