By the time we arrived to the Academy on Monday morning, a couple of our groups had already started their Creativity adventures.  The #thisgirlcan group had already arrived in Torquay ready for pushing themselves to their limits to test their resilience and resourcefulness.  Meanwhile, the Cultural Capital group had also departed to learn more about the theatrical culture London has to offer.

The rest of our Key Stage 3 students were raring to go and Creativity 2016 began in a flurry of excitement and buzz.

In the course of the day students immersed themselves in new ideas and researched topics that would help them with their own creativity.  Up Funk Junk researched ways to recycle and reuse the things we throw away and turn them into useful and beautiful products. Experts from Lush visited and demonstrated to our Bath Bomb group the ingredients and methods to make some fabulous beauty products.  The Escape group were quizzed as their logic was tested ready to create their own escape puzzles for us to try on Showcase day.

Sports Leaders had their planning skills tested as they started the organisation for their Primary sports festival on Thursday.  The All A-Board group began planning their scale models and trying out sawing skills on old pallets ready for up-sized, recycled dominoes. The Big Bang Fizz group experimented crisps and biscuits to calculate differing rates of energy while the Absurd-i-tea group carried out a blind tea test ready for pop-up Afternoon Tea on Thursday.  Another expert visited the Magical Mindfulness group to introduce them to some yoga moves to help them find an inner calm!

A great start made to Day 1 with so many students displaying our learning behaviours of reflection, resourcefulness, resilience, responsibility, reasoning and respect choosing Creative Champions will be a challenge for our group leaders!