As part of our World Book Day celebrations, author Dan Smith visited Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy on Wednesday 1st March 2017. Dan led several workshops and inspired the next generation of readers and creative writers.
Dan has published several books including the World War Two adventures My Friend The Enemy and My Brother’s Secret. His novel Big Game was published in over 25 countries, and accompanied the action adventure film starring Samuel L Jackson. His latest novel, Boy X, has been shortlisted for the Conventry Inspiration Book Award 2017.

Dan also enjoys a special connection with our Academy. Dan is the great grandson of Jack Lawson, an influential British trade unionist and Labour politician.

Dan talked about his unusual childhood living abroad, his adventures living in a jungle, climbing volcanoes and fishing for piranhas. The students were keen to investigate where story ideas come from and gained a unique insight into the inspiration behind his books.

On behalf of the LRC team thank you to everyone who helped made this event a brilliant day for everyone who took part.