“The 6th form has allowed me to excel. Thanks to the great staff, teaching and atmosphere they provided me throughout my Study. The new facilities are outstanding and the support provided to aid your study is excellent.”


“Without doubt the standard of the teaching is the greatest part of the sixth form. This is not only in lessons; the teachers provide support at every opportunity. They will give up their time before and after school, and hold numerous revision sessions. At the end of January, I achieved Ds in two of my subjects in my mocks, and in my actual exams in those two subjects I achieved AS. The teachers were a huge part of my success, and I could not have made the progress I did in such a short space of time without their help.”


“LLOB Sixth Form has a friendly and caring atmosphere, where students feel valued as staff ensure they provide a positive learning experience.”


“Initially, I left school for college after finishing Year 11. However, during my short time away, I realised that the support system at Lord Lawson is like no other, and the relationships you develop with the teachers are irreplaceable! I just had to come racing back.”