Academy Information regarding potentially malicious social media apps
There appear to be two apps which are gaining in popularity recently and indeed, you may have seen news reports on them.

A parental report brought this app to our notice and we feel that it is appropriate to share our concerns with you. is an app in which an account is created. As you can see, parental guidance is advised Users share their link with friends and this opens up the opportunity for friends to send anonymous messages.
These can then be answered to the user profile and shared As you can appreciate, this may not be an entirely positive environment for young people to participate in. The anonymity can allow for unkind messages and the like to be posted. The app is available for both Android and Apple devices

SARAHAH (Arabic word for “honesty” or “frankness”)  Available for Android, Apple and supports a website login

Sarahah appears to have been initially developed as a means to provide constructive criticism to friends and businesses.  It essentially allows people to send completely anonymous comments to other users.  The recipient, having no way to reply or, indeed, know who sent it to them.  As it can be linked to Snapchat and other platforms, it is incredibly popular with young people.  As you can imagine, the anonymity of this can mean that it does open users up to a number of abusive and bullying messages from haters and trolls.

For further information, please see the following url

MUSICAL.LY    Available on Android, Apple and Amazon.

This is a social media platform which allows users to express themselves in some kind of performance (singing, dancing etc)  in 15-second videos that can be shared with others in the community.
We have received some information which would seem to indicate that there are adults who are hacking young peoples accounts.  This is with the express intention of obtaining telephone numbers which they can then use to establish contact.

For further information, please see the following url


We have undertaken all of the necessary actions in the Academy to prevent pupils using/accessing these apps on our network.  However, we have no control over personal mobile devices and the information that they may be exchanging over 3 and 4G.

As ever, we would very much encourage open conversations between yourselves and your children to support their safety online.

Should you require any further advice/information, please do not hesitate to contact us at the Academy.